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  • RAMBI - Index of Articles in Jewish Studies
  • Index of Electronic Resources for Judaic and Cognate Studies - An extensive and well-organized collection of links compiled by the UPenn Library.
  • Jewish Encyclopedia - This website contains the complete contents of the 12-volume Jewish Encyclopedia, which was originally published between 1901-1906.
  • Jewish Virtual Library
  • Judaism 101 - Glossary of key terms
  • Association for Jewish Studies (AJS)
  • JSN Syllabus Pages - A collection of syllabi from the H-Judaism Jewish Studies Network
  • Penn Center for Advanced Judaic Studies - On-line resources include information about the journal Jewish Quarterly Review and links to UPenn Library exhibits related to the themes of the yearly fellowships and colloquia.
  • Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplanary Journal - Peer-reviewed electronic journal
  • The Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem
  • Penn/Cambridge Genizah Fragment Project
  • Princeton Geniza Project
  • The Michael Davidson Early Hebrew Printing Homepage - A Virtual Guide to the Great Jewish Libraries and Rare Book Collections On-line Hebrew Manuscripts, Incunabula, and Written Antiquities
  • Davka
  • Maven - Searchable guide to Judaism-related links of all sorts
  • Digital Genizah - A Jewish Internet directory
  • Jewish Resources Register
  • www.Jewish.com
  • Azure
  • Jewish World Review
  • Jewish Heritage On-line
  • Navigating the Bible II - A remarkable and comprehensive on-line Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutor, featuring the Hebrew (with vowels and cantillation), audio files, transliteration, and translation of each Torah and Haftorah reading, as well as the brachot said before and after.
  • Hebrew Date Converter


  • Dinur Center for the Study of Jewish History
  • Internet Jewish History Sourcebook
  • Jewish History Ring - Complete site list
  • Basic Timeline of Jewish History - Handout from my course at Rutgers on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • Bibliography: Jewish Social Studies in Antiquity by Meir Bar-Ilan (Bar-Ilan University); includes sections on social history, women, and childhood. See also his Bibliography to Literacy in Pre-Modern Times, which includes a link to his article on Illiteracy in the Land of Israel in the first centuries C.E.
  • Medieval Jewish Life - A collection of sources from the Internet Medieval Sourcebook


  • Mecho Mamre - Features on-line Hebrew texts of Mishneh, Bavli, Yerushalmi, Tosefta, as well as Rambam's Mishneh Torah (full Hebrew, partial English and parallel Hebrew and English) and offline resources for free downloading.
  • Jewish National and University Library, Talmud Manuscripts Project - Searchable database of electronic facsimiles of Babylonian Talmud manuscripts and the Kaufmann manuscript of the Mishnah [Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Sciences MS A 50]
  • Homepage of Eliezer Segal - Including a number of resources for teaching from his course at the University of Calgary, including an Interactive Page from the Talmud and Timeline of the Classical Rabbinic Period, see esp. his course materials for Judaism in Talmud and Midrash
  • Sages and Scholars - from Judaism 101


  • Midrash Bibliography - An extensive, searchable bibliography on Midrash from Hebrew Union College, including primary texts and translations, as well as a broad range of relevant secondary literature.
  • Pirqe Rabbi Eliezer Electronic Text Editing Project Includes images of the first printed edition and 2 MSS, as well as Lewis Barth's article on "Is Every Medieval Hebrew Manuscript a New Composition? The Case of Pirqe Rabbi Eliezer"
  • Louis Ginzberg's The Legends of the Jews - Ginzberg's classic in electronic form; from The Internet Sacred Text Archive; also available from the e-text archive Philologos
  • "The Aqedah: Examples of Midrashic Interpretation" - By Jay Treat
  • Selections from Midrash Tanhuma - from The Internet Sacred Text Archive
  • Targum Onqelos - from Mechon Mamre.
  • Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies - Features an extensive bibliography and some targumic texts in English translation


  • Jewish Magic Bibliography - Compiled by Alex Jassen and Scott Noegel (University of Washington)
  • Homepage of Meir Bar-Ilan (Bar-Ilan University) - Features a wealth of resources including bibliographies on Jewish Magic in Antiquity, the Hekhalot Literature, and   Sefer Yezira, the last including the Hebrew text of this important work.
  • Sepher Yetzirah, or the Book of Creation - 1887 English translation by W.W. Wescott; from Sacred Texts
  • The Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism
  • "The Hekhalot Literature and Shamanism" by James R. Davila
  • Homepage of the SBL Early Jewish and Christian Mysticism Group


  • Jerusalem Post
  • Ha-Aretz - English edition
  • Jerusalem Report
  • Middle East Media and Research Institute (MEMRI)
  • Virtual Jerusalem
  • Weitzmann Institute: Judaism and Israel Links
  • Jerusalem Mosiac
  • Maps of Israel
  • Facts about Israel
  • Jerusalem in Old Maps and Views
  • Osher Map Library: Jerusalem 3000, Three Millennia of History


  • Hebrew Language Page
  • Hebrew Resources on the Web
  • Hebrew Dictionary
  • The Alternative Hebrew Dictionary - Hebrew slang.
  • Reading Hebrew on the Internet
  • Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database
  • Hebrew Abbreviations
  • The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon - A new dictionary of the Aramaic language, in preparation by an international team of scholars, centered at HUC Cincinnati.
  • Hebrew Fonts
  • Yamada Hebrew Font Index
  • Scholars Press Fonts - Available for Windows or Macintosh and includes the Hebrew/Aramaic fonts SPTiberian, SPEzra and SPDamascus.
  • Jack Kilmon's Scribal and Epigraphic Fonts - Includes many Hebrew/Aramaic fonts epigraphic fonts, based on Elephantine texts, DSS, SP, &c.
  • Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive - Ancient/Modern Hebrew & Yiddish - An extensive assortment of shareware Hebrew Fonts, including Paleo-Hebrew and Qumran-style fonts.